St Augustine Haunted Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn

enclosed garden courtyard with arched multi-pane window and brown door to inn and beige stone fountainMany people believe St. Augustine has a supernatural dimension, and some visitors enjoy exploring this dimension of what is called the third most haunted city in America. Many of the city’s B&Bs, inns, pubs, and public buildings contribute to this status. Casa de Solana Bed and Breakfast is said to be one of those haunted inns. During Ghost Hunters University’s visit in 2012, they concluded that our hotel had “…the most paranormal activity” they sighted in St. Augustine.

Unexplained phenomena at Casa de Solana seem to occur only in the courtyard, dining room, parlor, Montejurra Room, and British Suite. The spirits who may reside here seem peaceful. Fredrico, a soldier who died guarding the building in the 1800s, seems to still faithfully watch over the inn, sometimes appearing in the entrance or the courtyard. Over the years, people have reported seeing shadows, hearing whispers, footsteps, or doors opening, or feeling gentle touches at night. Items in the dining room sometimes are moved during the night, surprising the staff in the morning.

bedroom with brass & glass coffee table and red upholstered loveseat in front of 4-poster dark wood bed, light yellow walls, with beamed ceiling and chandelierThe inn’s spirits seem to appear most often in the Montejurra Room. This elegant room features a large canopy bed, a loveseat and wing chairs gathered intimately around the electric fireplace, and a shared balcony that overlooks historic Charlotte Street. Perhaps they, like our current guests, enjoy all the room’s modern comforts and amenities, including the spacious bathroom with jetted tub for two, soft cotton robes, flat screen TV, mini-fridge, and coffee maker. During the Ghost Hunters University visit, they reportedly captured the image of a Spanish Mounted Dragoon sitting in the wing chair. Sometimes the spirit of a gentle woman dressed in white is said to appear opening a door overlooking Charlotte Street, although she may be seen on the stairs or in the courtyard as well.

The other guest room identified as a ‘hot spot’ by Ghost Hunters University is the British Suite with its low-slanted ceilings under the rafters. Located on the third floor, it’s cozy and private – perhaps what draws spirits there as well. The suite has a king bed, in-room jetted tub for two, a sitting room with window seat, and private balcony. Amenities include a flat-screen TV, mini-fridge, robes, and more.

St. Augustine abounds with ghost stories. We suggest guests research their lodging choices to be sure they will be comfortable with the particular accommodations they have selected. As St. Augustine Historic Inns points out about haunted inns, “it’s important to know that these spirits are kind and only occupy a few rooms.” Whether you or not you believe Casa de Solana is haunted, we look forward to offering you the hospitality that has welcomed guests for centuries. Please give us a call at (904) 824-3555, if you would like us to assist you in reserving a particular guest room for your stay.