Casa de Solana – St Augustine Haunted Bed and Breakfast?

Casa de SolanaMany people believe St. Augustine has a supernatural dimension, and Casa de Solana is said to be one of the Old City’s two most haunted inns. Ghost Hunters University concluded that our B&B had “…the most paranormal activity” sighted in St. Augustine during their visit! It may be due in part to the building’s long history (begun in 1763, over 250 years ago), its early tradition of offering shelter to wounded soldiers and weary travelers, and its location between Aviles Street (known as Hospital Street during the British occupation when the Casa was built) and Charlotte Street, an area of the city where many deaths occurred over centuries of occupancy.

white fireplace with mirror above surrounded by two red & gold striped chairs, glass coffee table on oriental red rug, open doorway on left, sofa arm in foregroundOver the years, guests and staff have reported experiences such as hearing whispers, doors opening, orbs appearing, gentle touches, footsteps, etc., in different places at the inn – the British Suite, the parlor (previously the Confederate Room), the dining room, the courtyard, and most often, the Montejurra Room. Sometimes a mysterious woman dressed in white appears opening doors facing Charlotte Street and the bay, on the stairs, or in the gardens. Apparently a kind and gentle spirit, she may be the ghost of Mary Mitchel, first wife of Don Manuel Lorenzo Solana and first mistress of the home. In the closet, childish giggles sometimes can be heard, perhaps from a spirit still needing to hide from some kind of danger. The room also is the favorite of a ghost named Victoria, who apparently both entered and departed her mortal life there. Other permanent guests who may join you are a Spanish Dragoon, or the devoted spirit of Fredrico or Frederick, who may appear in the entrance or courtyard as he faithfully watches over the inn and its guests. This soldier used to guard the Casa in the 1800s, and was shot in the back with an arrow while protecting the home from attack.

Whether you or not you believe our Casa is one of Saint Augustine’s haunted bed and breakfasts, we look forward to offering you the welcoming hospitality for which the home has been known for centuries. Please give us a call to let us reserve your stay and help you plan your Florida vacation. Just let us know if you do hope to meet any of our more spirited residents, who enjoy the inn so much that they have never checked out!