Love Letters In a Wooden Box Ceremony at Casa de Solana B&B

The love letter with wooden box ceremony is a unique and lovely gesture between you and yours for which, prior to the ceremony, you both write a love letter to the other, expressing your thoughts about your partner’s good qualities and your reasons for falling in love. We will seal the box as part of the ceremony with the heart-shaped lock and key. Under no condition are you to read each other’s letter beforehand, and under no condition can either of you open the box without the other. The idea is that you will reopen the box on a pre-determined anniversary and delight in its contents!
Love Letters in a Wodden Box $499
Bride & Groom plus 2 guests (no exceptions)
An overnight stay is not required
– Licensed officiate
– Courtyard/Arbor ceremony decorated with Tulle (courtyard use for 1 hour)
– Seasonal flower tops and petals scattered about the courtyard and arbor and 3-tier water fountain
– Single-tier 6” white on white beautifully-decorated cake (not shown in photo)
– “Dressed-up” bride & groom dipped strawberries (1 each)
– Bridal walk and pronouncement song (digital recordings)
– Chic wooden box with silver heart trinket lock and a complimentary bottle of specially-blended Casa de Solana sparkles (box style will vary from photo)
Call Casa de Solana at 904.824.3555 to set up your special ceremony!