Day of the Dead Exhibit by Feature Artist Tina Verduzco at Casa de Solana B&B

This week, in conjunction with “Celebrate Our Local Artists” month, Casa de Solana is proud to exhibit Day of the Dead Art by Tina Verduzco, an assemblage artist and long-time St Augustine resident. A lot of people are unfamiliar with … Continue reading

St. Augustine’s 450th Commemoration Celebration at Casa de Solana B&B

The hype has begun with regard to St. Augustine’s 450th commemoration/celebration happenings! In the year 2015, the nation’s oldest city will celebrate 4.5 centuries, having been witness to many a significant event! As a show of love and support, Casa … Continue reading

Local Author/Adventurer BOOK SIGNING at Casa de Solana!

Local Author/Adventurer at Casa de Solana for Book Signing! Friday, 9/7 6-9 pm 21 Aviles Street, St. Augustine The World’s Richest Busboyby J.J. Brito SunDaze Publishing Casa de Solana Bed & Breakfast is oh-so proud to celebrate local author J.J. … Continue reading

Love Letters In a Wooden Box Ceremony at Casa de Solana B&B

The love letter with wooden box ceremony is a unique and lovely gesture between you and yours for which, prior to the ceremony, you both write a love letter to the other, expressing your thoughts about your partner’s good qualities … Continue reading

Rock Art, Inc. On Display!

Rock Art, Inc. On Display! September 1 thru 7, 2012 @ Casa de Solana B&B 21 Aviles Street St. Augustine, FL Angel & The Mushroom Cloud Cathedral Out Of The Woods Pan 2 Sister Angel Smoking Angels The Exile … Continue reading