Simple Yet Elegant (and Affordable) Photography!

Remember not so long ago, before everyone had
a camera phone, before we could upload a photo we just took a second after we
took it, when having your portrait taken was a super-special occasion?!? I guess
these days who wants to pay for that when you can take your own photo and
modify it in Photoshop, but there is still something to be said for having your
photo taken by the eye (and camera) of a trained photographer, and THIS one,
you can afford, believe me!

Come meet professional photographer Bob
, view his portfolio, and talk to him about maybe a family portrait session
on the beach, engagement photos, birthday pics, team photos, weddings, etc.  He will be at Casa de Solana’s
Annual Summer Open House Event on Friday, July 6, from 5-9 pm.

Bob has 30 years’ experience as a full-time
professional photographer, having spent many years in Southern California
before he and his family moved to Jacksonville. Wedding, engagement,
just-because moments, and events photography at a price you absolutely will not
believe; in fact, I’m not going tell you here how much (little) he charges for fear
you’ll try to steal him away from our event!

So swing by Casa
de Solana Bed and Breakfast
for our annual open house
and sangria social in conjunction with St. Augustine’s popular First Friday Artwalk. In
addition to sweet treats and sangria, we will open to public viewing the door
to our newly-remodeled Minorcan Suite. This suite features 2 rooms—one with a Queen bed,
gorgeous shower, and flat screen TV; the other, a sitting room with fireplace,
desk, and another flat screen TV)! Open House guests will have the opportunity
to judge entries for Casa Photo Contest as well as meet a handful of local

is free. The Sangria is free. The food (shrimp, oysters, scallops, etc.) will be provided by Mac’s Seafood &
Catering at a cost of not more than $7!

Casa de Solana
B&B Open House

(during St.
Augustine’s First Friday Artwalk)

21 Aviles
Street, St. Augustine

Friday, July 6,

5-9 pm