Local Band Ah Roosevelt to Host Open House

Local Band to Play at Casa de Solana B&B!

 Casa de Solana B&B is proud to
announce that local band Ah Roosevelt
will headline at our 2nd Annual First Friday Artwalk Open House from 5-9 pm on
Friday, July 6, at 21 Aviles Street!  
first time I saw these guys was on a YouTube video where they’re playing on
the beach for a casual circle of friends. Loved them immediately, reminded me
of how I spent many a San Diego night in my past, and we are all just SO
excited that they’ll be providing the musical entertainment for us!

 [Casa/Jamie] So guys, tell me about

 [Band] The band name is Ah Roosevelt! with singer and guitar
player Mike McCabe and Bass player Jos O’Connell (myself). We both write the
songs, with Mike predominantly composing the music and myself composing the
lyrics. We are brothers from Richmond, Virginia, staying in town for the
summer. Our mom lives in St. Augustine, so we come down here for the summers. I
am a Marine Rescue swimmer for the county and Mike is your friendly
neighborhood pizza-pie delivery boy! Its killer to spend the summers here and
the rest in VA. We lucked out somewhere along the line of life and thus end up
getting the best of both worlds!

 [Casa/Jamie]  How do you describe your music?

Were not the biggest fans of
describing our music. We find it just as important for the listener to figure
it out for themselves. I have always joked that we have a Dave Matthews Jr. in
Mike as our front man, but I am nowhere good enough to be quantified as Stefan
Lessard (DMB bass player) so I am just his trusty sidekick with the pencil!

Where do you  guys find your inspiration?

[Jos] We are inspired in our music
and writing by such artists as Robert Zimmerman, Abner Jay, Jackie Wilson, Two
Gallants, Good Old War to name a few… Good Old War is actually touring with Counting Crows…anyone reading
this should go see them in Miami in October for us because we’ll be gone 🙁

We have some songs recorded with our
old full band that can be listened to at reverbnation.com/styronsquare or a few of the
following links!


– “Mike and I are both published Authors
of children’s literature and multiple freelance journalistic endeavors.”

-“We don’t want to be famous and
hate modern radio.”

– “We have played shows to 1 person
before and been just as happy to the shows we have played for 300–.if anyone
is listening we are going to play.”

– “If you go to shows and don’t’
listen to the words that the dear artist is singing, you should be banned from
all musical company.”

“If i can give shout-outs, we have
to shout out to Zac Grigg
our film maker and video guy–he is the man; that name will be big news very
very soon.

HAVING US! WE are excited to give a little acoustic serenade for the lovely
people of the Art Walk! This will be our first year playing it and dancing
rather than walking :))))”


 Who else will you find at the open
house event?

– Hypnotist and spirit magnet Tina
Verduczo of www.2Ghouls.com
– Historian and folklorist Brandy
Klopp of www.2Ghouls.com
– Licensed massage therapist Kelly
McCormack (offering complimentary courtyard chair massages)
– Bob Engel of Engel

Simple St. Augustine Weddings (offering complimentary vows renewals)
– Seafood by Mac (shrimp, clams, oysters, etc., $7 per plate)
– Island
Art by Sandra Marie
– Artist
Jackie Rock will display her beautiful furniture
finishes and other art works along with the wall mural she painted in our
dining room!

*All artists and vendors are performing/exhibiting free for your entertainment;
gratuity is a most lovely form of applause.*

Our newly remodeled Minorcan suite will  be open for public viewing; guests will act
as judges for the Solana Snapshots  Photo
Contest; and there will be lots of the Solana Sangria that everyone loves

 Friday, July 6, 5-9 pm
Casa de Solana Bed &Breakfast
21 Aviles Street
St. Augustine, FL 332084