History, Mystery, Drama, & Discounts!

St. Augustine is full of drama majors, professional actors,
historians, archaeologists, and reenactment enthusiasts, and we do love to
celebrate our history! One of the year’s best reenactments is coming up on June
1 & 2—Drake’s Raid. This year’s installment is the 26th
reenactment of Sir Francis Drake’s 1586 raid on St. Augustine.

Make sure you’re on the corner St. George and Cathedral
streets on June 1, as citizens are warned of the pending attack by Drake’s men;
on June 2, the raid will erupt with drills and living history interpretations and
an exciting reenactment of the ransacking and burning of the town. For schedule
details, visit www.DrakesRaid.com.

Speaking of St Augustine history, Casa de Solana has stood witness to 249
years of just that! Construction began in 1763 at what is now 21
Aviles Street
, orchestrated by then-23-year-old Don Manuel Solana who was one
of but eight Spaniards permitted to remain in St. Augustine after the British
took over. The Solanas were one of the first Spanish families to settle in St.
Augustine. Don Manuel later twice married, fathering 11 more Solanas. Their
house was well known to offer haven to Native Americans, injured soldiers, and
any traveler in need of respite. Despite the harshness of the times, the Solana
Family did persevere, clinging to the love.

Today, Casa de Solana is a 10-room, full-service B&B, with
that halo of love and residual energy still abound! Amenities include bicycles;
gourmet breakfasts (with breakfast in bed option); daily social hour; wireless
internet; parking; whirlpool tubs, electric fireplaces, mini fridges; in-room
massages; private out-door seating; signature gourmet breakfast (vegetarian
option with advance request); stay-over service; room rate discounts; and
fantastic discounted packages that include room rates.

Casa guests staying 2 nights at full rate between June 1 and
September 30, 2012, will have the opportunity to enjoy two 30-minute in-room
massages (or three nights at full rate, two 60-minute massages)! This offer, of
course, may not be combined with other promotions or discounts and is not
available during the holiday periods. Be
sure to specifically request this offer when you book, as it is not available
for pre-existing reservations regardless of when you made that reservation.

Visit www.casadesolana.com
for more details!