Casa de Solana, Where Epic Romance Begins!

structure at 21 Aviles Street may be the seventh oldest house in St. Augustine
and located on the oldest street in town, but Inn owner Jeffrey Sonia brings
nothing but fresh ideas and forward thinking when it comes to running his

de Solana takes its name from the original owner, Don Manuel Lorenzo Solana, a
member of one of the city’s first Spanish families. He was 23 years old when
the British claimed St. Augustine in 1763 and was one of only eight men (all
Mounted Dragoons of the Spanish Army) permitted to remain in St. Augustine
after the British took over. He built a tabby house on the property that year and
soon after married London-born Protestant Mary Mitchell (with whom he had 2
children). Not recognized by the Catholic Church, that marriage later
dissipated. With his second wife, Menorcan Mary Mastres, he fathered 11 more
Solanas! Their house was well known to offer haven to Native Americans, injured
soldiers, and any traveler in need of respite. Despite the harshness of the
times, the Solana Family did persevere, clinging to the love.

Casa de Solana is a 10-room, full-service B&B, with that halo of love and
residual energy still abound! You’ll often be greeted by the smell of something
fabulous going on in the kitchen (e.g., cinnamon raisin soufflé, spinach quiche,
apple harvest pancakes, roasted potatoes). The dining room presents with gorgeous
dark wood floors, intimate seating, and elegant place settings. Each room has
been uniquely decorated by the owners. Jeffrey has an incredible eye for fabric
projects. Mary Mitchell’s room is an excellent example of his work, but there is
fashion flare and a room type to fit most everyone’s desire.

addition to its lovely interiors, the romance packages are an absolute hit. You’ll find
packages as low as $279 (and that includes a room night), but the crème
de la crème is
the Spa Romance. At just $629, wow your
sweetheart with a 2-night stay, chilled sparkling cider and chocolate
covered-strawberries upon arrival; rose petals thoughtfully scattered about; 2 in-room
massages; breakfast in bed; and more!

Guests and
passer-byers alike love the seasonally lush courtyard with jasmine
gone wild and an impressive collection of romantic cherub statuary, making it
the perfect wedding venue. Over the
years, many happy couples have begun their married life by exchanging their
vows here. The very popular Simple Yet
elopement/vows renewal package (just $199) includes a private
ceremony in the jasmine-covered arbor, background music accompanied by a
softly-trickling water fountain, a small cake, and a sparkling toast.

definitely want to sign out the complimentary bicycles and hit the town, or,
head off the beaten track for a more “locals” tour of St. Augustine. The
architectural finds on the south end of Marine and Charlotte streets and into
Lincolnville will leave you breathless. Another great ride is to Water Street,
which bottoms out at the Mission where you can tie up your bikes, lie on the
grassy bank in the shade, and watch for dolphins!

whether you have a budding romance, one that needs some maintenance, or just
desire a get-away that isn’t too far away, a trip to St. Augustine with a night
or two at Casa de Solana will be time and money well spent! View photos of all
Casa’s rooms and pick the all-inclusive package that is right for you at or just call