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September 2012

Growing up in Pennsylvania, autumn was absolutely my most favorite time of year. Everybody at work knew it was the time of year they’d find me calling off “sick”, when in reality I was going for mountain drives, flea marketing, candle shopping, buying things in dark woods and cinnamon scents. I moved to Florida in my 30s and it admittedly took some time for me to adjust to the Florida fall, but ladies, I have adjusted, and it’s my favorite time of year here for weddings!

This year’s fall color trends are bold and beautiful—striking plums, dusky combos of black and blue, bright and brilliant reds. Mix in those traditional seasonal crimsons, golds, and maples, and what a splendid palate from which to fashion the backdrop for your bridal moment.

Nothing screams the season like a chicly-rustic barn wedding. Make your dramatic entrance thru two large barn doors that open to 1500 square feet of event space and 30’ ceilings at St. Augustine’s Pioneer Barn on the north end of San Marco. There is an 8’ x 12’ stage, and you’ll seat comfortably up to 165 people. Budget permitting, of course, the seasonal décor for this venue can go in any direction, whether it be a down-home event with light strings, plaids, and bottles and jars transformed into pieces that just astound your guests to a more elegant affair with chandeliers and china!

St. Augustine’s fall weather makes it the perfect time to take to the sea for a daytime, sunset, or moonlight ceremony onboard the Schooner Freedom sailboat. The Freedom can accommodate 2 to 42 guests, all casual with flip flops, Hawaiian shirts, and beach music, or elegant and formal in tuxes and satin and complimented perhaps by a violinist!

If you’d prefer to stay on land but still long for those bayfront breezes, the Sanchez House might be the perfect choice for you! With its luxurious antique furnishings, rich colors, and impeccably-landscaped grounds, you’ll find this bayfront property (on Avenida Menendez) warm and charming. The venue hosts up to 100 guests and offers (limited) overnight accommodations.

Couples with smaller groups (up to 30 guests) are “loving” what is going on at the Love Tree Cottage on Cordova. The venue rental fee is one of the lowest you’ll find, so you’ll have lots of money left over for décor. Adorn the arbor in goldenrod and deep-red chrysanthemums; scatter flower petals about the courtyard; and do up the parlor in soft light, dark colors, and great-smelling candles. It’s a great setting for a romantic fall ceremony and will be the perfect spot for anniversaries to come, considering the legend that says the Love Tree—an oak tree wrapped around a palm tree—represents the endless love of the two spirits who planted the trees long ago. The energy of this combination is believed to facilitate protection, guidance, and eternal unity for any lovers who exchange a true-love kiss from underneath.

Casa de Solana Bed & Breakfast specializes in the elopement ceremony. Located on Aviles Street, it has best brick courtyard and pergola area in terms of playing up the fall color scheme. The bricks are distressed brown and orange and have been the setting for hundreds of picture-perfect moments of brides and grooms choosing the more private scenario. The new Love Letters in a Wooden Box ceremony is simple yet elegant and uses seasonal smells and fresh flower tops/petals to create an absolutely-autumnal air! Should you decide on one of the other venues for your ceremony choice, we are happy to provide lodging for your guests!

The sky is the limit as far St. Augustine wedding scenarios, regardless of your budget. Call us at Casa, and we will make sure that you have as swank and over-the-top or low-key of an event as you desire.

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