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St Augustine Lighthouse had another mystery.  This is not the first time with ghostly encounters at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Dark of the Moon Tour.

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For those of you who enjoy the haunted happenings around St. Augustine, Florida, this is a recent article from the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Are you ready for this??

A few weeks ago, lighthouse staff was closing up after a Dark of the Moon ghost tour when they heard a loud CRASH from INSIDE the Keepers' House.

I mean, would you go back into a building KNOWN for its paranormal activity after hours to investigate?

Well, our brave crew did and what did they find? The framed mirror in the women's bathroom was lying face up on the floor, smashed to pieces!

Only, here's the thing -- the posts that were holding the mirror's wire were still in place. Nothing was broken, there was no sign that the mirror slipped off, it was just lying on the floor, all the pieces still contained inside the frame.

That's not the first time we've had paranormal activity inside the women's bathroom, either.

A few years ago, a woman came screaming out of the room one night insisting that an unseen spirit threw a roll of toilet paper at her head! (Don't laugh, this really happened!)

So when are you going to come back for another paranormal adventure inside the lighthouse?

Tickets are on sale now for the Dark of the Moon special investigation on July 10th, which is the annivesary of a tragic accident during the lighthouse's construction that took the lives of three little girls.

Space is limited, so grab your spots for this one-of-a-kind investigation soon!

Your ticket purchases help our nonprofit museum continue to discover, preserve, present and keep alive the stories of the Nation's Oldest Port. Every bit helps, so thanks for all of your contributions!

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