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How to make the perfect Omelette

The perfect tender Omelette! 

How to make the perfect omelette?

The most important thing is heat. Low and slow is the key and of course butter is the second most important thing and third a thin spatula. I can only go by an electric cooktop setting is between 2-3 on dial, this has been my only experience. The egg should be tender
remember (protein) may get tough if over-cooked.

- At the inn I usually preheat my no stick pans (8 or 10in pan surface) about 15/20
minutes before breakfast begins. This of course ensures a warm and ready pan for our first guest.

- When mixing the eggs I use a blender, ( 2) large eggs per guest

-First omelette of the day I spray a little nonstick and then add my
butter. This works because I don’t care
what they say nonstick is not always nonstick.

-after butter is melted, pour your egg mixture into pan

-move egg mixture about in pan to cover for an even surface (egg sets quickly should
only take 2-3 minutes depending on burner )

**at this time you will add cheese of liking or any veggies you want, do not
over stuff omelette**

- Sprinkle veggies and cheese on half of omelette. Flip the other half of the egg over cheese
and veggies

(sprinkle some cheese on top and you are good to go)

- Remove from burner and slide the omelette onto your plate. Slides out of the pan with ease, just don’t
forget the butter and no problem.

**Fresh herbs with eggs are great!
Finely chopped green onion is wonderful with the mild flavor of the
green onion awesome. Also, some of the
red pepper pesto on top of the omelette heaven, guest really enjoy it that omelette.

Thank you. Happy eating !